Your employer probably has an attorney. You should, too.

When starting or leaving a job there are a number of decision points that can have an incredible impact on your future livelihood. From the employment contract you’re handed when offered a job to a severance agreement when you leave a company, you’ll have dozens of opportunities to make sure your work works for you. But if you’re navigating these decision points alone you might not catch every important detail – missing an opportunity at best, limiting future options at worst. Whether you’re concerned about getting the best financial package, a little more flexibility in a non-compete agreement, or just making sure the papers you’re signing are as straightforward as they seem (or sometimes don’t seem), we can help.

Among the services PGL will assist individuals with:

Employment contracts

You know not to sign a contract without reading it. But do you know what you need to look out for? If you’re starting a new job or stepping into a new role, having an experienced attorney review your agreement will ensure you’re starting off your new position on the right foot. PGL will help you understand how the contract terms will impact you now and into the future, we’ll highlight any areas of concern, and we can assist you in drafting a counter proposal, if needed.

severance agreements

At the end of an employment relationship, you may be handed an agreement that asks you to give up certain rights in exchange for a combination of pay and benefits.

Severance agreements often seem like a great deal, but it's important to review them carefully to consider what you’re giving up and whether it’s worth what your employer is offering. With an eye for details and your best interests in mind, PGL will review the severance agreement, discuss what terms you’re willing to consider, help you understand the implications of the proposed agreement, and assist you with negotiations to ensure you are receiving the best deal possible.

non-compete and non-solicitation agreements

The laws governing non-compete and non-solicitation agreements are complex and limit who can be required to sign these documents. Understanding each of them is critical, especially when it’s your future livelihood on the line. PGL will assess whether your employer can lawfully require you to sign a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement, and break down the terms to help you understand any potential issues so you don’t find yourself in a costly situation down the road. PGL can also help you negotiate the terms of a non-compete agreement to create something you feel confident and comfortable signing.

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"Brandy asked relevant questions and quickly developed a strong understanding of the problem I brought her. She explored options with me, including explaining what routes would not apply to my situation. She listened kindly and made smart and clear recommendations for useful solutions. She was professional, comprehensive, and efficient. I strongly recommend her reasonable and intelligent problem-solving and guidance."

Soriah, severance negotiation

"As someone always recognized as a "stellar employee" I never thought I'd need an attorney. Things changed when I was fired from my job after informing my boss I was pregnant. Brandy went above and beyond my expectations. As a result of her extensive knowledge of employment law, she helped me win a fair separation agreement with my former employer. She even pushed for additional compensation to cover vacation days. I would enthusiastically recommend Brandy without any hesitation. During dark times it can be difficult to speak out - words can't convey what a relief it was to haveBrandy in my corner."

anonymous, severance negotiation

"I needed a lawyer to help look over a contract. I had a hard time understanding the agreement because of all the legal jargon. I wanted to make sure I was not signing a contract that was not what I had agreed on. Brandy was very helpful and explained the sentences I didn't understand. She also helped me change the contract a so that I was comfortable with its content. She did all of this over the phone and internet, making it very easy for me. I would definitely have her look over any future contracts I may have."

allan, contract revision