Counsel on Demand

When a single firm acts as counsel for all of your company’s legal needs, you benefit from having built a strong relationship with a trustworthy attorney who has an in-depth understanding of your unique needs and operations.

And when your legal services are prepaid you don’t have to think twice about whether it’s worth the cost to make sure you get the legal advice necessary to approach a situation the right way, update your handbook to reflect the latest changes in the laws, or ensure your front line staff have the training they need to do their jobs in compliance with the law (it usually is worth the cost, but we know that those bills can be a shock).

Unsure if your business needs unlimited legal counsel on demand?  Set up a complimentary meeting with Brandy Pirtle-Guiney, who will get to know your company and get a sense of the range of support you need. Following the meeting, Brandy will create a customized plan to meet your company’s specific legal needs, covered by a simple flat-rate monthly payment – eliminating the uncertainty of legal bills so it’s easier to get the help you need when you need it. There is a one-time on-boarding fee for this service.

Counsel on Demand services can include:

Prior to signing you on as a Counsel on Demand client, PGL partner Brandy will set up a meeting to get to know your company and legal needs. Following the meeting, Brandy will devise a customized plan to meet your legal needs. There is a one-time on-boarding fee.

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"I own a small business with basic small business needs. We need an attorney from time to time to help with contracts, employee problems, and general legal questions. We've worked with Brandy for almost 5 years, and she is consistently awesome. She is smart, thorough, and most importantly - she doesn't just do what we ask her to do. Instead, she asks great questions and assesses the entire situation to make sure she understands thoroughly. As she is fond of saying, it's better to pay her hundreds to prevent litigation than thousands to defend against it! I strongly recommend Brandy to any small business looking for a first-rate general business attorney."

zac, business owner