Solutions that make sense


Some attorneys look for a fight. At Pirtle-Guiney Law, we look for solutions. We prioritize finding sensible, custom solutions to avoid conflict, maximize efficiencies, and allow you to focus on what you do best: your work.

With over a decade of experience supporting employees, independent contractors, and small business owners, Brandy Pirtle-Guiney specializes in assisting forward-thinking businesses with their day-to-day legal needs and resolving workplace disputes and conflicts. Pirtle-Guiney Law helps businesses and employees across Oregon grow through strategic problem-solving and comprehensive legal support.

For over a decade, Brandy has worked with businesses and individuals to provide the support they need to navigate the working world. Learn more about Brandy and how she can support you.

More About Brandy

"When I was downsized from my company, I contacted Brandy about getting a larger severance package. I believed I had been wrongly terminated due to my status as a pregnant woman. As there was also a change in HR as I was leaving, she worked efficiently to reach out the new corporate HR representative and communicate our concerns. We worked together to discuss my priorities and resolve my severance concerns and increase my offer."

Marissa, severance package dispute